Ed, And I Spent Time At The Church.

We found our way to the church today. I practiced the piano, because eventually I will be playing for the worship service. Isaac and I might try playing together. At any rate, I have practiced 2 hours yesterday, and today. I go through the hymnal, and practice. The ones I know I play through. If I can do it, I add a check mark by the number of the page. This way I know where I am confident. There were some I know that I will have to practice before playing them. It took some time to play through. I found hymns that I played were very, worship oriented. Smile. I know. They are supposed to be!

I have not sat at the piano to play in about a year. I usually have to practice in order to get my hands limber. I went straight through the red, hymnal playing all the songs I know. One person was listening, and he thanked me for playing. I told him I was practicing. When I was a, student with piano, I practiced until I knew the pieces. It makes a difference when you really practice. You play the part you couldn’t play until you can play it.


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