Ed, and I are Home.

We have been at the church. I found something to do while Ed worked with someone, and then did what he needed to get done. It takes time to get things done around the church. I sat down at the piano and went through the hymn book. I know my chords. I could play simple tunes that are not hymns. For now I am working my fingers. I have not practiced, or played the piano in a year. Today was refreshing. I saw that my hands wanted to play the music. I was free to play.

Now I am catching up with what is going on with Word Press Audience. I love my Rubies Corner’s blog. I write daily, and this is paying off. The stats are to 820 now. It is still growing. It takes time for a blog to grow. You can add pictures, and say little, and the blog will grow. People want something to read and to see when they come to your blog. Today I am giving out information of what I have done today, and how I miss being on the internet with Rubies Corner’s blog when I am away. I have access to the web at the church, but I didn’t have time to get on the computer.



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