Heavenly Father’s Day!

Take up the Lord all the more when your Father, and Mother are long gone to Glory. If they are gone, then let your Heavenly Father be your guide, and Friend, God, and all He can be in your life. David felt this way and said so in the Psalms.

Heavenly Father’s Day for me is all day. My parents are in Glory, Heaven. I believe they walked as close as they could with Him, and I know their appeal many times was to God. They trained us girls to know the Lord, and we each found Him.

I am so grateful for a, strict, rigid, up-breaking that let me come to Know Christ early. My father was about as strict as a person gets. My Mother became a companion later as a teen, but before this time she was always strict. I believe structure was exactly what I needed. I didn’t get enough, but the stability of a disciplined life style is still there. Both parents were godly, and disciplined in their ways. Part of this was their praying, and reading the Word.






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