I Don’t Write Just to Write.

I would rather say something that makes sense, than to continue writing,Glowing with Christ. and writing so I can have 21 posts and more stats. I do like the higher stats. I believe it is work that makes a blog grow. It is also not knowing what you are doing that causes it to grow. I believe the novice may be the type who will get the most stats, because someone new to the writing field will be more direct after awhile.

The beauty of writing is to see the finished product, and to see the stats rise. I love it when they are rising, and the Word Press people say, “You blog is really gathering in the stats.”

I believe it is impossible to think of all the posts that I could do, and come up with those that will please everyone. I write as hard as I can, and if the stats don’t rise, it is because someone better has caught your attention. It takes time to become an expert writer. I am still not there. I slip and slide on the graph. I get many followers at times, and I don’t know why. I believe my drawings attract people at times. Have you seen the golfing series? I drew cartoons about golfing. I might watch a golfing match on television so I will have more ideas about what I can draw. I love golf. Can you tell?


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