Daily Prompt.

via Daily Prompt: Blossom

A person may blossom into a concert pianist because of their love for instrumental music. Practice makes the pieces flow in the lesson. My teachers could tell when I had practiced the pieces I was assigned to learn. Some were boring, and others were very easy. My wonderful teacher was patient, kind, and she had me cite read many times. I believe timing was emphasized more than any other thing.

I believe there is nothing more exciting than to see more blossoms show on the rose-bush after it has been trimmed of the dead blossoms. I have been cutting the roses off this rose bush in the back yard. Last night I cut twice as many off, because when you cut the roses, you are causing it to say, “I need to blossom more. There are none left.”

I do believe people will blossom into intellectuals when they pursuit the books. Singers will blossom in their singing when they find they love to sing.


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