My Desk is Stuffed.

The kitchen clock stopped yesterday, and I couldn’t get it to run on the same battery. At times if you throw the battery on the floor, it will work a little longer. Well, I didn’t throw it on the floor, but I took the clock down, and put it on the kitchen work table. It is long, and we put everything there at times.

Ed came to the computer this morning, and sat down in the chair. He opened the first, drawer of the desk, and there were five, kinds of batteries in the drawer. He had to work with the drawer to find these, but this is why the drawer wouldn’t open well.

Now the clock in the kitchen will run a few more miles, and we will all go out the door knowing what time it is, and how many minutes we have to get there. I would clean the desk out, but I am behind this morning. I haven’t written to my audience yet, and it is 8:55 A. M. It is too, late to work in the kitchen. We have eaten, and I am full. I will continue to write for a little longer.


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