I Will Go to the Doctor about My Side.

I will call for an appointment today, to go see about this side problem. It has run about 3 weeks, and it is not getting any better. I wonder if my gall bladder has turned for the worse. The test said there is no problem, but I am not used to having a problem like this. So I will let the doctor check the place. She ordered one of those tests through the tunnel. I had to have dye in my veins and this broke out in a rash. I don’t know about going to see her. She may think I am full of troubles. I am.


3 thoughts on “I Will Go to the Doctor about My Side.

  1. You are no trouble! I hope you got the name of that dye, so that won’t happen again! I have a list of things I can’t take, and have it in my billfold. If I have a wreck and am unconscious, they can find the list and I won’t be given something I’ll have a reaction to. You should do the same thing–all of you!

    Did the GasX work? Guess not. Hope you feel better today. Love you!

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    1. I am better today. I have some burning, but most of what I had yesterday is gone. I believe I will be fine. Smile and don’t worry. Happy Father’s Day! Our parents are in heaven, and we can rejoice many ways.


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