I Must Remember Father’s Day.

Isaac, and I will work on this together. He has a dental appointment tomorrow morning, but after that he is free. The days will slip up on us. I want to surprise Ed somehow.

It would be nice to find something he is truly interested in seeing, or doing. We might find a movie to go to. I am trying to lose weight, and eating the popcorn would be wonderful, and off my diet.

I believe this day should be celebrated. Maybe I can find him a new shirt that he loves. He has one that is special. I might get him another like it. This kind of shirt should last 20 years it is made so well.

Have you thought of something unique, and special for Father’s Day? My dad is in heaven, and so is Ed’s we think. I believe he is.


7 thoughts on “I Must Remember Father’s Day.

  1. jmschum3

    I hope Ed has a WONDERFUL Father’s Day. You’ll make sure! Hahaha!
    Checked my schedule, and I cannot go to the reunion in Charlotte. The pianist is on vacation and I have to play Sunday morning, night, and Wed night. I can’t make it to Chatty, then Charlotte, back to Chatty, then home by Sunday after the reunion on Saturday the 8th. I can’t even get to Charlotte and back in time. I’ll let the family know….

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      1. jmschum3

        I hope you can find out what’s going on. It’s not gall bladder, so they might do more tests. I think you ought to just take a GasX and see if that helps!
        We have a member who died, so visitation is tonight. I’m baking 2 cakes to help feed the family at noon tomorrow.
        I was asked to paint 3 rocks for the big gifts for the fathers, oldest, youngest, and a drawing of names. I didn’t know about this until last night. Panic! I finished the rocks today, and will bake tonight before and after the visitation.
        Then I am drawing to music on Sunday morning. Need to practice that. Busy time! Hope you feel better! Take the GasX! Love you!

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