What You do.

There is a little verse that says,”Whatever you do, do to the glory of God. “(Bible.)

I believe this is a statement that needs to be recognized by all of us. Are we doing what is to the glory of God? What is the Glory of God?

The Glory of God is the Shikinah Glory…The Presence of Almighty God that would fill the newly dedicated temple. The priests would fall under the power of the Presence of God. They couldn’t stand.

I believe the power of God is spoken about frequently, but those who know about the Shikinah Glory are those who have sought the Lord for only the purposes of seeking His face. On their knees, on their stomachs, lying prostrate before Him, standing with songs in your heart, and singing them to God alone with no one to witness your singing. I believe the Glory of God is a private matter, that comes when godly, people humble themselves, and seek His face. I believe God’s Presence can follow you, be in you, and that God is not a respecter of who you are for Him to find you and fill you . I believe God is bigger than any of us, and we are the ones who need to humble before Him.


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