Today is Not Just Another Day. 2

I really believe we have a responsibility to begin our day with the Lord, Christians. I believe He wants your attention first, thing. This may be a sacrifice on your part. You may have to rise early to dress, and be ready to go. Then find your Bible, and sit before Him for an, hour. It takes time to read enough for it to influence you when you have been leaving Him out of your life. I believe an hour, or two are just the beginning of a good, Bible, study, that is soaking, and drenching for your spirit, soul, and mind.

If you want to grow in Christ, then you need a Bible you can understand, and read. I have one of these, and I study for at least two, hours daily when there is nothing more to do. I don’t have appointments today, so I took the time it takes. The rest of the family was asleep, but my prayer has been, “Father, I need good, sleep. Then waken me earlier so I can find you tomorrow, morning.”

This works. My sleep is wonderful, and I wake up with the sun coming through the window. The birds aren’t singing, but you would think they were. I have a check off sheet on the books, and chapters of the Bible. I am reading through the Old Testament presently, and I just finished another book. It was Amos. It has 9 chapters, but it was very interesting reading. I also read Jeremiah 1. I am going to finish Jeremiah this week. I have more books to finish, and the Old Testament is large. It will take time to completely finish. My hobby is to read through the Bible. This is my 9th time.


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