I Love Hot Tea and More Comments.

I have at least 3 cups of hot tea in the morning. I use real tea bags to make my tea. We have a machine for making coffee, and tea. It has a place for the water. I make my tea quickly, but it takes time to drink it. I pour milk in my tea to cool it. Today it is whole milk.

I love to make custard, and whole milk or whipping cream in milkĀ form is what I use to make it richer. My son is healing from having his wisdom tooth extracted. He can’t eat just anything, but warm custard he can eat. He is losing weight as we speak, because he can’t have meat. It hurts, and he is protecting the place. I am sure the doctor will say he is progressing nicely. I am glad he only has one wisdom tooth to deal with. It was side ways, and pushing his jaw. It is good to have them out.

I just had a cup of hot tea. I filled it again. The tea bag will last three times at least. I buy the wrapped tea bags, but I loved the ones that are un-wrapped. Today is Wednesday. This is my special day. I must get ready to fix supper for the church tonight. We are having spaghetti with meat balls. I make my own meatballs, but I don’t make my own sauce. I get Paul Newman’s sauce. He may be gone, but his sauce is wonderful. Last time we couldn’t find it, and we had to try something else. You know, if people don’t come, my family may have to eat spaghetti for some time.


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