via Daily Prompt: Distant

When the wind is right, you can hear the church bell in the distant village. It draws people to worship. In the past, the church would be crowded, but now there are a handful of people who come to the service. Some work, and others sleep from tiredness of staying at work until late.

I have distant relatives I don’t know. They are on my mother’s side of the family. I met them years ago when I was a child. That is the last time I saw them. I have relatives on my Dad’s side of the family. They are distant relatives also. Some are musical, and talented in cooking. Others love art, and they have painted beautiful pictures. I suppose to get to know my distant relatives would be a milestone.



8 thoughts on “Distant.

  1. Sad. For both of us. I wish I could travel and go to the reunion in Charlotte, and then visit the Schums. There aren’t many of the Schums left……

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    1. I hope you will get to do this. I would miss church the next day if I went to Charlotte. I would want to go with someone, than solo. My family would go, but this is coming up soon. I don’t know. As for the Schums, I haven’t seen them in years. I have good memories. Love you Jane.


    2. I am still having problems in the gall bladder area, even though they said my problem is not gall bladder. I drink water, relax, and rest. Then I get up when I feel better. not sure about taking a long trip because of this. Charlotte gets hot and muggy. This is the middle of June. I haven’t been to the reunion for years. I write on Facebook and find the family there. Saturday is short lived, and we are on the way back home.


      1. The reunion is always the 2nd Saturday in July. It’s on the river in Charlotte, hot, muggy, and outside with port potties, unless they changed something. I think a few of them have to be inside in the A/C. I believe LaNay has to be inside. Uncle Dave is in Austin TX, Aunt Frances is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Doubt we’ll see them before we get to Heaven. Jim Brooks is in SC, Spikie is in the Dallas area, and so is Kelley. Not sure where Kent is, but he was in Brownwood TX. Phyllis and Jim are in VA. I have no kin in this state, but you have Joan in your state. The rest of Mom’s family is around the Charlotte area, some in SC. There is still division among them, so some of them don’t come.
        I don’t have anyone to feed my animals, but I could talk to one man who could do it. Trouble is, he doesn’t like cats, or scooping out a litter box. I’ll ask, though. I think Ken would like to go on this trip. We could meet you somewhere. Could you make it to Andrews or Cherokee? We might have to take the two little dogs with us, but we can all ride in the van. Perhaps we could come to your place and get you. Wouldn’t that be something?


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