What is worship? Worship is expressing yourself to God as He is seated on the Throne in Heaven. Speaking, singing, lifting your hands in praise to Him, talking to Him, waiting in silence…..all of this is worship. Hearing the minister is the last phase of worship. I am married to a minister, and my father was one.

I see two, common, things in both men. They are passionate about Jesus Christ, and want to lead people to Christ. They pray over what they will speak on, and they receive what the sermon will be.

Bible teachers do this. Women do this when they teach a lesson, or speak to a group. They pray over what they will say. One time I was to speak, and there was nothing to say. God didn’t give me one word, so I was quiet, and the group ate, and talked among themselves. They turned to me at the last of the time we had, and said, “We forgot to ask you to come speak to us. Do you have a word for us?”

I wasn’t mad at them. I told them God didn’t give me anything to say. We went home. I prayed more, and the next day I had a verse to share with them. God finally spoke.

God senses when we are apathetic about Him. When two gather to worship, He can be in their midst. We don’t ignore Him, and He is there. We believe, and receive Jesus as our Savior. Then we walk with Him, believing that He is with us forever.


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