What Was Supper?

I made home-made meatloaf, and put ketchup with one ingredient in it on the top of the meatloaf. My meatloaf was in a small, square dish. I filled it full, and pressed it into shape. The meatloaf has two beaten eggs, salt, herb spice in it. On top I mixed the ketchup and poured this to give it a dressing to go with the meat. I tasted the meatloaf. It was good. I don’t like meatloaf without onions, but I have learned the onions really aren’t that good for you. White onions are what I love, but this time I didn’t put them in the meatloaf.

I will eat purple onions, but even those are in question now. The herb spice I am keeping in the meatloaf. It is the best spice when it fits with the meat.

The family hasn’t finished eating, but I baked custard for dessert. It has 12 serving spoons of sugar in the custard. This time the spoon was not the largest I have. Think conservative. That is what I do. We don’t have to have a cup of sugar in something to make it sweet.


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