via Daily Prompt: Volume

This word is used several ways. You have to turn up the volume on your hearing aid if you are going to hear the preacher. At times the volume of the man’s voice in the back is heard from the choir loft. His voice carries, but he doesn’t know he is disturbing the silence. He doesn’t know, because he is unaware of everyone else. He speaks to one person.

I believe volume on the radio shouldn’t be blasting. Loud noises do affect and effect our hearing, and well-being. Raising your voice for emphasis may make me jump. I am usually quiet in spirit. I don’t like to be yelled at, but I have been. People in different times in my life have chosen to verbalize with volume. I said nothing back, because they couldn’t stop yelling. It would do no good to yell.

I believe there is a place for volume. When you are in church, the volume of clapping, and praising God is at a high rate. This is good. Why praise God with apathy, or lethargy. He sees us as we are, and yet he cares to watch over us, and beckons for us to find Him. I believe His voice has volume at times. I have heard his louder voice. It was encouragement one time. It was warning another time. I do believe His voice is quiet most of the time, but at least two times, I needed to definitely HEAR His Voice.


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