Some people have volume when they speak. You can hear them two blocks away, speaking at their natural volume. I believe this is a gift. I have a quiet voice usually. If I shout, then people can hear me. I have learned to throw my voice across the room. When I do, people hear me.

Volume is a gift. You can work on your voice so there is more volume. Our body isn’t the one that works it. We do the working. When you want more volume, then sing in your empty car, house, or where none will hear you. I sing at the church when no one will hear me. I sing loudly. I sing around the sanctuary. I sing into the choir loft. I sing in the aisles, and in the kitchen, going around the table. At times I go around the area of the sanctuary, and the kitchen, and the little room just before the sanctuary. This way I have sung in the place and glorified the Lord.

We don’t see what the result of volume is before the throne, but when they hear us singing to Him with a loud voice, and confidence, the angels join in, and the people listen. God listens. He may not be visible, but when His children truly sing from their hearts, He hears us well. Sing when you are unhappy. Sing when you are tired. Sing when you are lonely.

God sees you singing, and it does Him good to see us singing even through we are the way we are.

Apathy leaves with a rebuke in Jesus name. If you are experiencing tiredness, and apathy in church, then rebuke it off you, and ask forgiveness for it. God wants you to worship Him with open arms, no bars held up. Ask the Holy Spirit to set you free to worship Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you worship God in spirit, and in truth. He will help you. He glorifies Christ. If you are having trouble getting to church, ask God to get you there with angelic help. He will if you really want to come.


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