Today is Monday. It is Overcast.

It is overcast here, on Monday morning. I rose early for the first time in at least a week. I finished the book of Hosea as I sat at my little table in the living room. There is a small lamp on the table, and I turned the light on from the hallway. Two lights automatically come on when I turn this switch on.

We had fried eggs for breakfast. Isaac is eating a little more now, but I suppose he has lost some weight by now. His place ,where he had the tooth extracted, is better. He is still on medication, but he ran out of the antibiotic. He will do well to gargle.

No one likes to gargle, but you know, it helps with stopping the infection. Salt has to be plentiful in the water, and then gargle all the glass of salt water. It helps any kind of throat infection.

We have River Bend going on downtown. Usually the area where I live is quiet, because people are gone to River Bend. I believe I went last year for a little while.


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