This is Monday.

This is Monday, all day. It is an overcast day so far, and the time by my computer is 8:12 A. M. I started my morning right by fixing all of us here two eggs to eat with toast, and jelly. It works. We eat this, and it lasts all morning. If Ed is gone, and Isaac and I don’t eat lunch, we last until supper on breakfast. I believe it is wise to take vitamins. Mine is a good investment, but they last 120 days. I take two a day. I believe I like them because they are chewy. Not everyone will be able to chew these. I can, and love them.

Have you ever tasted real licorice from the root? My father would find it and dig it up. He would chew on sticks of licorice, instead of chewing gum. Then one time he found real licorice in pellets. They were processed, but bitter. We girls would eat these, and you can’t get rid of them fast. They stay with you for about 25 minutes if you are careful. Real licorice is not candy, but it has some taste that help with the sugar withdrawal.


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