Don’t Go By What You See.

The sight may be pleasant, but if God is not there, it won’t be as pleasant long. I warn my son not to go by what he sees. The outward appearance may be beautiful, but what is the person like on the inside? Her heart needs to be beautiful as well. This means, she is a Christian, and humility is there.

Many are the trials of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all. Bible.

I believe the trial of finding your mate should start early with much praying, and being specific about what kind of person you want. When you pray, are you a Christian? Then you will want to find a true, Christian. Many times, those who get busy in the Lord’s work will find someone as busy.

I had a friend once who found a Christian, and he was quite a man in his build. There is nothing wrong with this. I believe God works on both of you, and that your spirituality will show when you have prayed. People who are looking for God’s choice don’t have to look far. God reveals the person to them, and it works for them to talk to the person. I know that God cares about choices we make. We may think, “I will talk to this guy.” Well check him out. It is hard enough married to a Christian. Don’t date, or get serious with one who is an unbeliever. You will not be matched, and eventually your relationship with Christ will be challenged. Take the stand before you date the person, and through the dating time. If he is God’s choice, you will soon know it.


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