Don’t go by What You See 2.

I would like to talk with you further on this subject. Don’t go by what you see, Christians. Test the spirits to see if they are truly of God or not. Many are on the road to Heaven, but some don’t know Him, because they haven’t come close.

Don’t go by what you see. Ask God to tell you about the person who is coming against you. He will give you wisdom, and you will know how to pray when you submit the persons to the Lord, and leave them there.

It is hard to get over words that hurt, but forgive them and keep walking with Christ. We must deal with our self more than we must deal with those who are not lovely. Our self wants to run the show. If you allow self to speak, you will find that it doesn’t like you. It wants to run the show.  Forgive, and walk away. Forgive, and let them walk away. Keep a clean slate before God, and pray for the ones you offended. You didn’t mean to offend, but it happened. Pray for them. Nothing is impossible with God.


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