What a Sunday!

This is a beautiful day to go to the races. We have a friend who is going this afternoon. I can’t sit in the hot sun, so I won’t be going with Ed, if he joins our friend. I like the races. I would rather be in a race, than to sit and watch people race. I don’t know that I would win. Think of the money you might get if you did win a race.

I know of someone who won a huge amount of money in a lottery. She gave it to charity and didn’t hang onto it. I have thought many times of this person. Wonder if she won again!

We are out of church. My eyes are bad today, and my head is hurting. Maybe I got into too, much salt. I don’t know when. We have had a good weekend. I used to eat ice cream when I had a headache. It happened frequently, because I kept eating ice cream. I do believe sweets are the culprit to many ailments including headaches!


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