The Little Bit Of Gardening I do.

I do a little bit of gardening. Some days I stay inside all day. Other days I venture out to see how my plants are. I have a brick circle with a garden on the inside of the brick circle. I have pionie plants, and one rose-bush in this little garden. Soon I hope to have more there. It is such a small space, that it wouldn’t hold many plants. I try to pick the weeds, and keep them out of there.

I don’t stay out long because of my skin. I can’t be in the direct sun long. So I avoid it. I haven’t taken to wearing a hat when I go outside, but I might get to doing that.   I don’t remember what I planted in one pot. It is definitely up and growing. There are maybe 30 plants of this in the pot that I chose to put the seeds into. I believe it was a good idea. Just wish I knew what it is.

You would think there was a memory problem here, but not really. I should have saved the package.  I will next time I plant something. It is never too late to plant. I know that turnips grow in the summer, and in the Fall. There are onions that can grow in the Fall. Some people plant greens and then eat them. I haven’t ever done that. Mother fed us greens when we were growing up. We were made to eat them, but I didn’t learn to like them.



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