Kindness Doesn’t Come Naturally.

I believe in the kindness of the Lord, and His wisdom. I see kindness many times when people smile, or speak with me. I believe God is teaching me about His kindness and love. It doesn’t always happen with people. They can get angry, and mean in a second. I deal with it when I go home. I work out my kindness, and love for that person by praying for them, that God will talk to them about their profound angers, and mean ways. I believe people don’t need to be avoided who carry the Presence of the Lord. He was direct, and He spoke the truth, but He is the Word, and He is love.

God is love. We need his love to rub off on us daily. At times we will have to speak the truth with love, and let it hurt. Truth is better than lies, and wearing a mask. I would rather hear the truth, whether I am yelled at, screamed at, or told bluntly to go elsewhere. I believe there is a time and place for laughter. I believe God gives us because we are with people who don’t know His joy unless they have spent time with Him.


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