Good Morning! Saturday is wonderful.

In My CanoeToday is Saturday. Usually this is a relaxing day for me. I love the sunshine, but I can’t be in the direct sun long. My heart doctor said this will have to be a thing of the past. So I can wear a hat for shade and still be in the sun some.

When I get hot, I am ready to dive into a pool. I have none to dive into, but there are public places. There is always the lake I could go to if there was enthusiasm for it. My dad took us girls to the lake to canoe on the water. He made his own foldboats and they were good for sailing.

Finally he did find a good boat that was sturdy, and had a little more to it. We would go boating, and at times fish while we were there. I didn’t catch many fish with dad around. He was quiet, and I wanted to talk. It had to be a silent adventure, so I turned to praying that a fish would bite. Then I could break the silence. I do get excited when I catch a fish.


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