A Nap is Special.

This is Saturday, and I woke up with the sun coming through the curtains. The room was light, and it was suddenly time to waken. I managed to make breakfast, and Ed and I ate fried eggs. Isaac couldn’t have any because he has just lost his wisdom tooth. He is still on a diet to help his gum heal from the incision.

Isaac,and I made Chocolate Oblivion for tomorrow after church. It took about 45 minutes to make it, and the resulting dessert has no,flour in it. It does have eggs. I have taught Isaac how to spock the eggs, and he did that with those we were using. You cull the white knot out of the egg yolk easily with a spoon. I had to remove enough from 8,eggs.

The Chocolate Oblivion is baked in the oven after the first ingredients are folded into the second ones. The white mixture is the base, and you fold it into the beaten chocolate cream. It makes a delightfully, light,dessert.

I was tired, particularly after Ed washed the car. I went to the rose garden,and collected fresh budding roses for the kitchen mantel, and the back,bathroom. I cut some buds which will bloom in the back bathroom. It would be nice to have several, more rose bushes.

After lunch, Ed and I agreed that we should rest. I napped for a little while after helping Isaac in the kitchen, and fixing lunch. It will be nice to rest again later tonight.  Sunday, promises to be sunny. I’m glad!


5 thoughts on “A Nap is Special.

    1. Jane, I thought spocking was your word for plucking the white from the broken egg. I do this now because you suggested it. I don’t think I cared to before your words about it. I will stay with the word spocking.


  1. I am dropping the subject. So I used another word. I wouldn’t have, but you used the word first. I am not arguing. I believe I could use one of my words and come out just as well. I will have to think about it. Have a good day, Jane.


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