When you are Teaching, You want the Anointing.

What do you do before you teach a Sunday School class, or a Bible class. I believe this is not always understood, but those who lead a Bible class are given that class for a season to teach. The anointing to teach comes as you have studied out the Word. You know it up one side, and down the other. You are confident in your knowledge, because you are always studying. That is the sign of a teacher of the Word. They are in the Word, and they remember what they read. They won’t just read the passage and shut the book. They look at reference material, and get involved by subjects at times. A true teacher will be teaching himself, and sometimes will share what he, or she knows without people wanting to know that much.

Teachers are gifted most of the time if they have that gift. Some people are called to teach, and it is like the call to preach. Many ministers teach the people, because no one else is doing such a job. Many are called, and few are chosen. If you teach, then I would think it would be a matter of praying, “What do you want me to tell this class today?” You may have to ask this through the night before you teach. At times you will know. I wouldn’t totally rely on the lesson book. At times God has other words for you to talk about. Are you read to talk to the class about their personal study habits in the Bible. You have to teach people how to study for themselves. This way they will grow in the ways of the Lord.


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