Today is Not Just Another Day. 3

This is the day the Lord has made. I find myself walking with Him all day, especially if I have stopped to read for a few hours. Yes, I am retired, and I have the time most mornings. I try not to get my days out of order. It is important to keep Him in mind, and to sit down, and read, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to me. I believe this is the best time of the day. I usually work on this much earlier than 9:30 A. M. When I haven’t read all day, I usually will that night. Days, and nights are not the point. The idea is to read, and become aware that He wants to talk with you about you, and your family and friends. He wants to bless you, Christian.

Do you make a quick schedule of your day? I have eleven o’clock as the time I hit the bed. I can go to bed from 10 to 11:00. If I follow my schedule, I have three, meals, and time to open my Bible for two, hour Bible study. I haven’t done this in a few, days. I have read short amounts. I need a thorough drenching in the Word today. I believe God loves order. He is not ordering me. He is waiting for me to order my day. He is first, and I can sip tea as I read.

Have you read Psalm 44? You hear with your ears what others tell you. When you decide to read the Word, there may be one person who might want to talk to you, and take the time you allotted for your,” quiet time.” Think on this. Make you plan before you sit down. Know where you will read. If you are new, then read John, or Luke. They are full of the miracles that Jesus did. When you read about Jesus, you will soon want Him to be first in your life. Try this Quiet TFLYING A KITE ON A PEACEFUL DAY. ART BY RUBY CRAFTime. It will be harder at first, but keep moving toward study. It is vital.

You may have to reschedule them, and say, “I have an appointment at 9:30 A.M. today. I need to talk to you more this afternoon. Is there a time I can call you back?” Never say what you plan to do with your 9:30 time. Leave it your time. It is blessed for you to pick out a time to be one to one with God. I leave off the music, and the television. I run to the living room with my Bible, and find my place at a small table by the big picture window. Here I study until Ed interrupts, or someone come through the door to disrupt me.

“What about lunch?”


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