Today is Not Just Another Day.

Today is what you make of today. It is what you do in this day that helps you along your way. I cooked Isaac scrambled eggs today without using milk. He hasn’t eaten much with his mouth recovering from tooth surgery. He had it pulled, but the tooth was in an odd direction. It was a wisdom tooth.

We are resting again today. I will put in some washes, and dryer loads. Things are stacking up in the washroom. Isaac goes in to shower and doesn’t come out for hours. Mosie kitty is in there. He believes in petting, and talking to his animals. He holds them, and lets them know he is there for them. Each one gets held for a while. I guess this happens off and on all day. I saw him holding Charlie. He is the long, stripped, big, eyed cat. He is quiet, but he will let Isaac work with him, and hold him.

I told Isaac, he and my sister should have been veterinarians. Their skills with animals and their compassion has always shown.

2015-07-31 15.55.55
I thought about Bubba today. He just came to mind. I am not grieving. I am thankful that I knew him as my cat. Now he is gone. I have other cats, but he was mine. He followed me from room to room. How could I ignore this beautiful cat?

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