There Aren’t Many Shows on That I love.

In the old days you could turn on television, and pick something that would make you laugh. These programs are rare. The ability to laugh is there for the making. I believe people like to laugh to an extent. I wouldn’t want to laugh all day. I love to have a good memory session, and tell of the times that were funny, but not funny while we went through them.

I have a picture memory of what I remember, which is much. The one room school , which also had a gym is one, memory. I sat in the first row, in the back until someone came along to be in my class. I was the only one in kindergarten level.

We moved, and I took First Grade with ease. I read book, after book. I loved to read, and Spelling was easy most of the time if I studied. Our teacher was wonderful in the first grade. She was young, and she would let me read as much as I could. I remember the book I read was thick.  Her name was Miss Hockaday. I remember. She was always dressed nicely, and she was clean. We washed our hands if we got them dirty with classwork. We ate in a large room that was also the gymnasium. There were older students who would play basketball on the weekends. They were bussed into the town to play against our team.

There was an older student who probably failed a time or two. He would make faces with his pencil and make me laugh. He held it with his lips, and showed me. I would giggle out loud, and the class was quiet. This would make them see what he was doing. I was allowed to stay in my row. That kindergarten year was a blast.


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