The Anointing to Pray. When it comes, you Pray!

You get to church, and the menu is changed. Suddenly the pastor puts you in groups of two, or three, and says to pray about the list of things he has on the board. He gives you a chance to put your requests with his.

All over the auditorium people begin to pair in two’s and threes. It is easier with one person, so they try this first. One person is left, so she joins with another group. The pastor makes a third with another group. People can be heard praying, and there is more accomplished, because we hear each other, and this causes the anointing to pray to be there.

When the anointing of the Holy Spirit is there for me, my head will get warm. In church, I might pat my head on top, because there is a,definite,anointing. I can’t pray and sing, so I make those words a prayer…the ones in the songs we sing. At times I find a room, and kneel down. It takes a couple of minutes, but when I return, I am at peace from head to toe.


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