Micah 7:7

It is a good thing to wait on the Lord with Hope in your heart. Expectations are fulfilled when we know the Lord. He fulfills all our requests, and more. My expectations are many at times. I would love to walk in the room knowing that God is really there with me. I have faith, and that is the trust that He will never leave, or forsake me.

Have you ever been left? Some how my parents left me behind, and there I was standing in the front of a store, wondering where they were. Another time they pretended to leave, and everyone  was in the car but me. I was finishing my lunch. They wouldn’t take me because I had not finished. They walked out the door, and drove off in our car. This implanted a memory I have never forgotten. In fact the Lord and I have talked over the abandonment feelings I had that day. I remember running to the door, and looking out the window. I finished my lunch in seconds.

Micah 7: puts the responsibility on the writer. He will be watching with expectation. He will wait, stand there, not move, until the God of His Salvation comes through for Him. Do you believe He is that close to you? You make God close by becoming involved with Him daily. Reading the Word, and studying is vitally important.


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