I Simply Love Being At Home.

Home is where my heart is. I stay home, and I don’t go out much anymore. I love being right here. I am not dizzy anymore, and I love to do what I need to get done for the day. I have been on the blog a good part of today, but that is not always the case. If I see the stats are rising, then of course I will continue to write. It is thrilling to see the stats rise.

There are times when I won’t be here writing. It varies, but I try to plan ahead, and get more posts than usual done. I haven’t heard any negative comments about the golfing cartoons. I am not as steady with my hand when I am drawing with the mouse. I draw on the computer. Of course, I am getting better, but I lack words to say at times. I will have to think of some more golf scenes. I am not sure that everyone experiences golf like I do. I have been the caddy, and I have played. I feel if I play much on the computer, I might be very good with golf!


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