I love Green Tea.

I will drink any tea on the market, but I simply love Green Tea. I found that it is good for you, and better than the other kinds of tea, although they have qualities that are good. I believe Green tea makes me start the day right. I brew it in the machine I have, and then I and no, sugar of some kind. I don’t use regular sugar, because I am presently trying not to eat the real sugar. Isaac’s cookies are gone, so I can eat without being tempted to eat his cookies.

Isaac has had a tooth pulled. His wisdom is gone. Smile. He has plenty more, but not in the form of a tooth. He hasn’t hurt. He has medication to help him through this week. I don’t think he ate much, so he didn’t sleep much. When you eat, you get sleepy. I do. I napped yesterday. I may nap today. I am sleepy as I type.


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