God likes Order.

Psalm 44: 4-7 is good. You might read the whole psalm. I love to read something in the mornings before I start in with house work. It is daily. Some days I change the beds, and other days I may try to vacuum. At times I clean off the kitchen table. It has become encumbered with what the family wants to drop there. I clear it off, even if I have to toss some of the things that have been there too, long.

Have you noticed how ordered nature is? Every tree has its kind, and every animal is after its kind. I believe that is order. I believe when God made man in the garden, he had order. He put man to sleep to make Eve. I believe that is why a man and woman get along so well. One was originally made from his ribs. I believe God put man and woman together in the Garden of Eden. It was his plan.

Study flowers. They are perfectly ordered. Every little piece of the flower is so delicate, but strong. I don’t know how creation came about, but it says that God spoke. He is God. He spoke, and there was light, and darkness. At first there was void because nothing had happened. God entered the scene and there was light. With God, all things are possible.



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