806 is a Good Number.

I love plants. I have one growing outside on the red table Ed made for me. I have one plant growing that I don’t know what it is. I put all the seeds in the tiny package in the soil one day. Soon these fragile green plants started coming up out of the rich soil. They are still standing.

Isaac wants to make his own garden this year. He will plant squash in the area. He has the seeds, and just has to get them started. Later we will plow, or dig up the ground for his garden. He will soon have all the squash he can eat, and more. We will take it to the church to serve on Wednesday nights. This squash is orange on the inside. It is not bitter. It is sweet on its own. I just eat it plain. I many plant something I like. I love radishes. I could eat two or three without complaining. I love fresh from the garden radishes.


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