It’s Better Not to Have Any Fear.

It is better to conquer the fear before you have it. I believe many people don’t like to go to the dentist, and some have a real fear of sitting there to let the dentist work on your teeth. The grinding is the sound I don’t like. The filling the tooth is not as bad. I let the dentist give me a shot in the gum to deaden things so I feel no pain. Still the grinding makes me nervous. My dad took us to a dentist when we were little. The man did not have any fears, and he tried to scare us even if we were young. I remember him, and it took him telling dad in order for him to fill a tooth, and give me a shot for pain. I didn’t want it, and he wouldn’t insist. My sister had worse problems with him.

Therefore we have feared the dentists from then on. That is a shame. Most dentist don’t want to make you afraid. They will give a shot if there is any anxiety or pain. I am comfortable after I have the pain removed.


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