Isaac Had His Tooth Pulled.

We all went to the dentist, and we came home without Isaac’s tooth. It was one wisdom tooth turned toward the other teeth. It had to be cut out. He was brave, and now he is resting, and watching movies. I believe he is feeling some better. We are watching, and standing back at the same time. We know what it is to have wisdom teeth removed. One is enough to have pulled. There were no more.


6 thoughts on “Isaac Had His Tooth Pulled.

  1. Glad he’s okay! I had to go into the hospital to have 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled. They were all 4 turned to the other teeth. I survived, and he will do well! Ice cream time! Love you!

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    1. He’s getting tired of ice cream, but there is nothing else to do. It’s good he had this one taken. He had gas, and he said he breathed deeply when he was in pain.


    2. He is watching television with me, and sitting up with his feet up. They had to drill to get the tooth out. This was what he breathed the gas about. It helped survive the ordeal. It took about an hour and a half all total.


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