I am A Christian Writer.

I have been writing for several years now. I am getting used to coming to the computer several times in the day. and finding what the stats are. There are 8o4 followers now, and maybe more. I haven’t looked. I believe in being consistent, and careful. I believe I am writing to those who are discouraged with life today.

For me to live is Christ. I believe that opening to a passage in the Bible will help you. I find that using a check off approach to Bible reading is a good idea. This way I don’t go in circles with the reading. I finally read all the Bible, and start over. I can read anywhere with the checklist. HELP ME, LORD.

Some passages you might turn to are: Psalm 91, 37,27,23,100,103,99.

Then there are those times when I need encouragement. I open my journal and start reading the verses that I have collected so far this year. If I need more encouragement, I will pray, and ask God to give me a passage. He is close as you want Him to be. Bind self, Satan, and sin, and tell the Holy Spirit to guide you as you read. Interruptions will come when you are beginning to read, but if it is the phone, someone can catch it, or it can just ring. Your time with God should be precious enough to keep others at bay until you are through. It is your golden moment time with God.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own thoughts. In all your ways acknowledge His presence, and He will direct your steps. Pray about everything, and soon you will feel confident in the Lord.


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