Singing with Isaac.

Isaac, and I led music this morning. He sang by himself with the words to all the songs set for him. I managed the overhead, and sang with him. We wanted more to sing with us, but no one else came to practice. We practiced 3 different times for this service, because we are new on the block with leading our congregation. Isaac has done this before. Usually we have one, or two others singing with us. Isaac and I took it and practiced with my insistence. You see, practice makes perfect, and if we sing together, we want to do it as unto the Lord.

Isaac is my son. He has come into the job of singing innocently. The lead singer has left and so she has trained Isaac along. Now he is on his own, leading worship. I love to sing. I asked the Lord once, “What do you want me to do?” He said, “Sing.” I have been singing to Him at home, in the car, and at church. At times I sing in the church by myself, when none are there. Other times I sing in the kitchen when I am making the meal for those who come On Wednesday nights.

As a teen, I sang in a duet with my best friend. We harmonized. I sang alto, and she took the soprano. Also, my sister and I sang in a trio. I sang tenor, and my youngest sister took the melody. My older sister took alto. We harmonized well, because we were sisters, and the voice range was similar.

I believe the Lord wants us to sing to Him, so we get used to singing in private. That is not hard. It is not easy, but it shouldn’t be hard to sing from your heart to Him. I have been making music to the Lord for years, and at times I sang what I sing to an audience.

I was at a University, taking a class. They gave a talent show. I took my ukulele, but I let it rest while I sang without music. I played a piano solo, and then taught them my song. It took minutes. They responded with swaying to the beat, and singing with me. I loved it.

I believe God wants us to teach our songs to others, if they will listen, and sing them. I believe the University experience was rare. God helped me, and I sang to Him. He has said, “Sing!” I do, to 4, 7, 15, 20, and at the University, to more!


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