I am Conservative.

I am a conservative writer, and person. I believe my blog is doing well, but I look forward to there being more growth with it this year. So how do you grow a blog? I keep writing, and the blog keeps growing. I don’t have pictures for every post I write. Pictures are wonderful, but at times they are not needed.

I believe our country is changing as teens are becoming of age, and influencing society. I believe the United States has changed over the past 50 years, and as the Baby Boomer age, there will be more changes. We were the generation that is largest, and there will be problems handling all of us as we age. Then there will be a shortage of people, because America decided not to have children…as many.

I was born after the war, and the Baby Boomer population happened. I was one of them. I believe it is time for us to plan ahead. I believe the next generation will live longer because they eat better. I believe we should keep the older generation as active as they will allow. I don’t like to be told to walk, but it wouldn’t hurt me to walk a mile a day. We have more knowledge, and more wisdom in this day and age. We know why certain diseases exist, and we know the cure to many of them. I look forward to growing old gracefully.

I do believe in the return of Christ, and it is possible that He will return any time. I live for Him daily, and try to get in quiet time of study, and worship. I do think that religious people have a harder time finding Christ. Ephesians 2:8-9 say what I mean by this. I believe I was found by grace, and that finding Christ has been the biggest change in my life.


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