Did the Seventies Have the Move of the Holy Spirit?

I saw this question, and I will answer as best I can.

Ed, and I were in Seminary in the seventies. He helped in a church while in Seminary, and it was going through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Some member had been filled with the Holy Spirit, and there was a group which met on Saturday nights at the church. They came to sing, pray, and pray over people. We were a part of this. We were alive, and well during the time when the Holy Spirit’s move was in our home, and on campus at the Seminary where Ed studied. I believe the excitement of being full of the Holy Spirit was awesome. We saw many things happen, and we met many people who were full of the Holy Spirit. We met others who claimed they knew God, but their life was not in line with the Word.

I believe this was an, awesome, growing time for us. We were young, and yes, we got hurt while studying in ministry. We took off for one year so Ed could work in a church for credit to the Seminary. That did not go well. We left short of the time we were to be at this church. It was fully charismatic, but there were some problems there. We both went through difficulties with the pastor, and his wife. I believe we were mistaken for going to this church. They really wanted us to come, but when we got there, problems were already surfacing.

As an older Christian, I believe this time was a test to see if we would go in the ministry, once were gone from there. Some hurtful things happened, but in my times of forgiving, I covered this with the blood. I forgave people, and named them at the time. I believe God makes things right. I believe in Heaven we will have some surprises along the way.


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