I Nibbled at Suppertime.

I nibbled on supper. Mine was Cheerios with raisins, and milk. I used a substitute for sugar to sweeten it.  I get the real Cheerios. I was raised on these, and oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, and Dad’s scrambled eggs.

Ed stayed at the church, and Isaac, and I went on home. I had a neck problem, and it is still there. I guess I will find a way to go see the chiropractor regarding my neck. If he could just work with it, I believe it will go back in place. Currently, I can’t turn to the left with my neck. It is too, stiff.

We went by the store, and Isaac has bought a kit to plant seeds.  Butternut squash are his favorite. He will grow them from seed. This kit will help with the seeds when they are real early in their growing cycle. From seed to a little sprig. We will have to work the ground to plant the squash. It is a wonderful kind of squash. It is orange on the inside, and you can cut it into cubes. It is wonderful, and mild. We boil it in the double boiler. It softens within 15-20 minutes of steaming. What a nice investment for twenty dollars.


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