803 is a Wonderful Start.

I find that when I keep writing, the stats keep going up. I haven’t written as much is the last couple of days. I have been busy with other things. I just got home from our church where Ed, and Isaac were helping someone clean up, paint, and make a room more simplified, and organized.

The church looks really good with all the cleaning, straightening, and work that is going on. You know, God wants us to do our part in growing a church. We pray for it, work at it, and help where there needs help. One man mows our lawn, and there are about 5 acres to mow. He is trying to mow the whole property. It does look nice when all the grass is mowed.

Most of it was done today, but there is still some that needs mowing. I believe we do what we want to do, but I have learned that God wants us to work the plan.  We aren’t saved by works, but He expects us to get up, go to work, and be a constant, testimony of how God is changing us.


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