Stats are to 804 today. Good Morning!

I check out those who join, to see if they are real. At times I refuse them, because their ways are not like mine. We may as well part company now. This is a blog for supporting those who are Christians in their faith. I have submitted my life to Jesus Christ and I am full of the Holy Spirit by faith. I trusted in Jesus Christ as a young 8-year-old. At an older age of eleven, or twelve, I gave my life to Him again, forever. I knew by then that God wanted me to teach, and I submitted to Him, and gave this to my dad who was as pastor.

I believe God is real, and Jesus is the Son of God. He is my Savior. I believe it is a miracle for any of us to find Jesus Christ, and to submit to Him for life. He does live, making intercession for us in Heaven. I believe He needed to die for me. My human nature is sinful, and there was no way to enter Heaven without the blood of Jesus Christ covering me.

I believe in living for Jesus daily. It takes discipline to find the Bible daily, and to read it. It takes grit to walk with Him as a pastor’s, wife. I have had many times of talking to God about people, places, and things. I have learned to forgive and to walk on with the Holy Spirit leading me.

I believe God wants us to be disciplined in our walk with Him. What He says, we do.  The hymn, Trust and Obey is wonderful. I also love the one called, What a Friend we have in Jesus. I believe Jesus died personally for each of us. May God open our eyes to understand that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He was the sacrifice that it took for us to have Salvation. His wounds are still apparent. Ephesians 2:8-9 are wonderful verses.


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