I made more Pot Pie for my Family.

This is the kind of pot pie we had for Wednesday night supper at the church. I served 12 people, including myself. I made more pot pie today, and one was in a pie dish. The other is in a red casserole dish. I served two pies in the red-type dish, and all but a little was gone Wednesday night. Someone took pot pie home with him. We had Wednesday leftovers for lunch, and I made more for tonight.

This pot pie is comfort food, and only the crust has many calories. I have been boiling vegetables, and then adding them to the pot pie. We want them cooked thoroughly. Carrots, peace, and potatoes were in the one I made Wednesday night. The pie dough is by Pillsbury.. the rollout kind. It is always the best to use.

Here is the recipe.

Pillsbury pie dough.

Two for the bottom layer of the pie plate, and the topping. I usually serve my pot pie in a pie plate. I made it in the red, casserole, dish because I knew people love this recipe.

Boil in water the vegetables to tenderize them. I cut up two, potatoes, after peeling, and I scraped one bag of carrots, and put them in the same water to boil tender. I cut the potatoes into slices. I had peas when I went home, so I added them to the pot pie. I use canned chicken, because I have tried other kinds. I believe this pot pie is better with canned chicken. Isaac bought organic, canned ,chicken, so I use it this time with the pot pies.

It take two cans of chicken for a pie dish. Then add one tall can of cream of chicken soup by Campbell’s. I didn’t have any more of this today, so I made a white sauce, and added herb spice. When the vegetables are tender, drain them, cut them, and add to the potpie. If you have one vegetable, then add plenty. I just added peas to the pie on the left in the oven picture.




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