This is Thursday. We are Resting Today.

I made two, pot pies last night for supper. Doris, and Tony brought salad, and the dressings. Salad went well with the pot pie. I had two, pieces of pot pie. I baked two, pot pies in my red, casserole dishes that Ed bought me.

We found the last casserole dish at the grocery store on 70% discount. It was beige inside, and dark, red on the outside. It looks like a newer, version of the casserole dish I found at the yard sale. I put one pot pie in each of these. It worked. One whole dish was eaten, and a little more from the second, one. I love the idea of making supper for the church. We had 12 dedicated people eating with us. Some couldn’t come, and one couple has left for another church. They feel called there.

God supplies when we ask. I believe he supplied comfort and encouragement last night as we sang, and studied together like we usually do. Remember Daniel? Even when he was told not to pray, he did, and the people found him praying to His God. I believe we must continue praying, reading, and meeting with the people in our churches, to worship together. It doesn’t matter how many you have. Faithful is the Lord who calls you to be steadfast, and unmovable, always abounding in His work.


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