via Daily Prompt: Portion

Faith is how much you have been given as your portion. Some have little, but they are encouraged to use their portion of faith. It will grow, if you use what you have.

Do not look at the tiny faith, but use it, because faith in its purity is beautiful, and like gold. When you use real, faith, it can move the mountains that stand in your way. And what are the mountains?

Mountains that are in your way are unbelief, anger, and unresolved issues. Hatred is evil. It is a huge mountain that stands in your path. Turn your hatred, and bitterness into love, joy, and peace as you forgive those who have given you their portion of meanness, and self. I believe what we dish out comes back to us. If you are kind, loving, and calm, you will influence many more than one who is always scolding, and angry.

Your portion of faith may be robbed from you by your own doubts, and rebellion. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. I believe it comes at awesome times when we sit before the Lord, with our Bibles open. Psalm 1 talks about the favor of the Lord. Everyone has their portion of faith, but as you USE it, God opens doors, and your faith grows. You become faithful with the portion of faith you were given. There is soon increase, because you stood fast in your faith with the portion you were given.

God says, “Here, child. Use this. It is a sharp two-edged sword. Use it, and your portion of faith will increase.”


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