Let Go.

Some times people let us go, and they go on their way on a new, path. We are surprised when they go, but we don’t say a word. Maybe they should go their way. When this happens it is tough.

We run to God, and say, “What happened?”

God gives us peace. For some reason He is shaking the usual up, so we can be tested. It is hard, but we run to Him, and pray, and pray. We gather the verses He has shown us, and we stand up, and say, “God, take care of us. Take care of us, and work among us.”

We gather without the ones who left, and the seat where they sat is noticeably there. We don’t talk about it. We go through the singing, the dinner, and the lesson. Soon it is time for everyone to go, and I am washing the dishes, and showing where to put everything. Most of the pot pie is gone, because people wanted it. They leave with pot pie to take home, and we leave with a little money for the effort.

“God will take care of you..”This comes to mind. “He will take care of you… God will take care of you.”


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