I Will Write today.

I have discovered that if I will write, the stats will go up, and people will read what I have to say. Some will be silly, and other will be serious. I guess I am serious most of the time.

We had oatmeal today for breakfast. I lingered in bed, because cooking made me more tired. I was already tired. I believe in pursuing the plan, and making it work. I knew a little late what I would serve for supper.

I have enough goods to make potpie again next week. It is a comforting foot. The soup I use is a good brand, and it makes a creamy sauce over potatoes, peas, and carrots. I put canned chicken in the pie because I find it is worth the money to do things right. I have used chicken off the baked chicken, and it isn’t the same as canned chicken. The recipe is simple, and yet it takes time to boil the vegetables, and make them tender before adding them to the pie. I always boil them, because no one wants raw, have cooked potatoes, or carrots in the pie.

Bake it in the oven for an hour, or until the pie is bubbly and looks brown. It isn’t too brown, because people love the crust as well. It is the way to serve potpie. This is an old dish, but when I don’t know what to serve, I can draw on this recipe and know that most people will eat it, and like it.

I think people are in a slump when they don’t follow a gentle, little, schedule for the day. I have made one, and I allow two, hours for cleaning, and two for cooking, etc. I believe the schedule has helped. I have one, hour to go to bed, and at times I make it earlier than my schedule. I believe in exercise, and that will resume.

I have a bench that I bought for Ed, and Isaac. At times I get on this to boost the exercise. I am careful, because the left arm doesn’t need to be pushed with exercise. Jumping jacks are my favorite, exercise, but I can no, longer do them for the pacemaker. I do the bench, and other planned, exercises when I think of it. When my regular clothes are tight, I know to push away the food, and to exercise more. It is time. Smile.


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