I Don’t Have My Masters.(Pass on if this is just too, long.)

I majored in Education in college, because I felt called to teach like preachers are called to preach. I know the time, and place when the Holy Spirit spoke to me what I was to do with my life. I never thought I should teach, because I thought this was for the smartest.

Well, I did pray. God spoke, and I put what He said in my own father’s hand. “Dad, I asked God what I was to do with the rest of my life. He said, “Teach.”

Dad bowed his head, and he didn’t stop praying for a long, time. It was too, long for me, and I left the room. I thought maybe he was arguing that I wasn’t teacher, material.

I applied to a Bible college, because I felt I would go into full-time Christian service. I went to South Carolina, away from my folks until Christmas. That was a change. So was this strict Bible college. I couldn’t stop talking in the halls, and I kept being written up.

Eventually the Dean of Women spoke to me.

“You have signed the Responsibility sheet three, times. Do you have any calling other than coming here to prepare for missions? I don’t think you should be here.”

I said, “When I was eleven, I felt prayed about what I would do with my life. I asked Him what I was to do God spoke in minutes. He said “Teach.”

She looked with relief. The dean of women said, “You won’t be coming back here in the Fall. You had a real experience with God, and I believe you have had trouble here because you are not in the right place. Go to a liberal arts college and get you Education degree. This was a calling from God for you to TEACH!”

I LEFT IN SHOCK. Mom talked with me, and she found a liberal arts, Christian, college where I attended for four, years. I graduated, and made an “A”  in Student Teaching. That Fall I taught Follow Through, and then Ed, and I transferred to Seminary.

I was married one year to him when we went to Seminary. We stayed 3 years, and I taught school. Then we had a church for 9 months, and went to his home. We came back to finish his education, and I taught in the poorest of the schools. It was a tragic experience, but we left after he graduated. I didn’t want to teach ever again. That class was the worst of all that I taught. I was set up, and when I arrived later than the other teachers to begin teaching, I soon knew I was in for trouble. The kids were bad on purpose.

I believe God wants us to forgive those who hurt us verbally. I have. Eventually I took a class of 4th graders to teach. I taught the next Fall, and then in January we left. We came as associate pastor, and wife, and this is the timing that I had my son, Isaac. The church grew where we were, but trouble rose.  God was burning, “self” out of us. We left to go to a small, church that was growing, and wanted us to come.

We have been there 31 years through thick, and thin. I believe we have learned more than anyone at the church. I believe God has been there for us as I continued teaching for 27 years which includes tutoring for the last 7 years. I am retired from teaching, but my husband and I are at the same small, church which has grown, and then “evaporated” for us. I believe God has led us to stay, and stand having done all to stand.

We stand when people leave. We stand when none come. We stand when the congregation leaves, and becomes divided. We stay on, and stand, having done all we can to stand, and stand, and stand.

I believe God has been with us in the times of grieving, and the times of joy. I believe God sees our hearts, and knows all things. For the times when we became discouraged, He gave us much comfort. When we went solo for a while, He was right there with us. I believe God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. I have cut my teeth on the ministry, and teaching. I believe when I needed prayers from God’s people, they prayed in sincerity for me. I have been healed on the inside, because God wanted me to forgive, and forgive, and forgive.

People can be mean, un-forgiving, and hard to get along with. They can be loud, full of anger, and rage, and still the Holy Spirit brings comfort. I have seen people change when they received Christ as their Savior. The witch who was cantankerous suddenly changed to smiling, because Christ made the difference. She received Him as her Savior, and she apologized for her comments. Her smile was contagious. Everyone saw the change in her.

I want everyone to see Christ living in me, and that He doesn’t leave me where I was last year. He comforts, and He stands up for me. When two leave, I know God will replace them with the people who should come next. I am older now. I am much older, but I believe God has led me to pray, and pray , and forgive, and forget. He has led me to bow my knees to Him, and to speak when I feel led.

Ministry is never easy, but being a missionary is not easy either. I stayed in the states, but I taught children for 27 years. In tutoring, some were from other countries. I believe God gives us wisdom, and grace.

When I get to heaven, I plan to Hug Jesus for a thousand, years!


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